Old Town Rent

  • Old Town Rent: the ideal e-bike for paved surfaces

    The bike having a quick and soft ride, ideal for use on paved surfaces of old town centres

    OldTown appears in Rentversion: comfortable, stable on uneven paving and flying at traffic lights, the version of OldTown born for Rentis enriched
    of a safe Abus anti-theft arc and easy rear basket, both standard supplied.
    Suspended fork and cushioned seat, extra large tyres 1.95” are must that make OldTown an e-bike able to face with fluidity and ease the roughness of streets of old town centres.
    OldTown is quick and suitable for those who are looking for an alternative vehicle for urban daily mobility. It can easily overcome slopes and city flyovers.
    Strong but lightweight: only 21.9 kg. Handy, with a low down tube, its reactivity in sudden changes of direction is astonishing.

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  • SMALL PLUS battery 211WH-24V

    Range: 25-40 km


The distance covered and up to exhaustion of the battery.
Operational tests carried out by a third part or extrapolated by test data carried out by this part. Test conditions: external temperature 25 °C, asphalt road surface, typical town mixed road, rider weight 75 kg, normal traffic conditions.
1. Standard range calculated with medium speed between 25 and 22.5 km/h; 2. Reserve range calculated with medium speed between 22.5 and 19 km/h.


  • Belt drive

    No chain, no oil on hands and clothes, no maintenance.

  • Motor

    Brushless motor 250W / 18Nm torque.

  • Frame

    A sturdy steel frame, with a very low downtube and a very light weight make the model suitable for people of all ages.

  • Big Tyre

    The wide footprint 1.95″ tyres help in taking up the typical vibrations of the medieval pavements of old town centers, thus allowing a very comfortable ride.

  • Cushioned saddle

    Comfortable and cushioned saddle, for the best riding pleasure.

  • Cushioned front fork

    It allows safety and ride control even in case of rough and uneven pavements.

  • Multifunction control display

    3 different speeds can be selected; it controls the battery status; it activates the “soft start” function: automatic start up to 6 km/h.

  • Batteries

    Wayel is the only company in the world that allows you to chose the battery capacity and to decide the range of your electric bike. A custom-cut range with 3 different energy sizes: SMALL PLUS, MEDIUM and LARGE. Removable Lithium-Ion 24V with Samsung cells, and Lithium-Polymer.


  • Leather bag (honey yellow)

  • Leather bag (two-coloured)

  • Eco leather bag (two-coloured)

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). Colours: silver/black

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). Colours: glossy black/mat black

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). White colour

  • Canvas bag (logo)

  • Black rack suited for SMALL, SMALL PLUS, MEDIUM black battery

Battery information

Wayel batteries are Lithium-Ion equipped with Samsung Cells. For more information visit the battery page.