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  • What is an assisted pedal bicycle?

    It is a bike where the propulsion generated by an electric motor is added to the human propulsion

    Which features should have an assisted pedal bicycle?

    The European Directive 2002/24/CE imposes three features: electric motor not higher than 250W, motor power supply interrupted when reaching 25km/h and motor power supply activated only when the cyclist is pedalling.

    Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

    It is not compulsory, but it is always advisable

    Is it possible to use an electric bike without pedalling?

    No, all the “electric bikes” operating without pedalling are not in accordance with to law and may be seized by the authorities

    Is it necessary to register and insure the electric bikes?

    No, according to the Italian legislation, neither the registration nor the insurance is required.

    The batteries are all the same?

    Absolutely not. Each battery offers different performance according to its type and capacity

    Which are the batteries’ performance indicators?

    Batteries change according to: recharging cycles, weight, capacity, memory effect and self-discharge.

    What is the memory effect of batteries?

    Some types of batteries must be completely discharged before being recharged. So they suffer from a memory effect – ie they recall the energy availability of last use – and in case this has not been completely cleared, you cannot make a full recharge. For example, if a fully charged battery is used to 60% and subsequently is subjected to recharging, the 40% of the energy supplied is not recognized and is therefore unusable.

    Which batteries suffer from memory effect?

    Only nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd) suffer from a memory effect. Lead, NiMH and Lithium batteries have no memory effect.

    Which are the elements that determine the operating range of an electric bike?

    A variety of elements. These elements mainly concern four aspects: the user, the battery, the e-bike and the distance covered. For example, a greater weight of the rider, and a route uphill determine a lower range. The battery capacity (in terms of Ampere multiplied by Volts), its own BMS control system, the self-dicharge, the e-bike’s internal software for energy use, the motor efficiency and the mechanics of the e-bike are the other factors able to influence the operating range. Distance covered and battery capacity being equal, different ranges up to 50% can be found on the market.

    Which batteries are used by Wayel?

    Electric bikes are characterized by the most advanced batteries currently on the market: Lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells, to guarantee greater quality, safety and long-life thanks to several charging cycles: up to 1,000 complete cycles.

    Which is the average life of a Wayel battery?

    Wayel guarantees for its batteries, used according to the instructions, 800 cycles of charge/discharge with 80% of residual rated capacity

    Do Wayel batteries have some certification?

    All Wayel Lithium polymer batteries are in accordance with the rules UN38.3, which provides for several tests (altitudinal, thermal, vibration, impact, overload, etc.) many of which are decisive for safety.

    What is ESEB software?

    The Energy Saving Electric Bike is a software developed by Wayel, able to optimize the use of the supplied energy, thus guaranteeing higher operating ranges. At present ESEB is mounted on OldTown, OneCity Long Ride S and Futura.
    On Trilogia, E-bit S and SUV (2014 line), ESEB 2 is mounted – the last version of the available software.

    Why do Wayel bikes use shaft drive or belt drive transmission?

    To meet the real needs of the Users. The shaft drive and the belt drive transmission do not require maintenance, and are not likely to fall as the chain. Moreover, they guarantee a greater cleanness having no need for oiling

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