New MADE 2.0 line. A bike that loves Italy.

  1. made 2.0

Launch of the Made 2.0 line of bicycle opens the new cycle of Wayel: bicycles are not only designed, but also manufactured entirely in Italy. The first e-bike models made in Italy are FUTURA 2.0 and Trilogia 2.0 Line: briosa, sicura, poderosa.

The will to focus production in Italy has led to create a product that combines handicraft, creativity and passion typically Italian, with all the most innovative technological features that Wayel staff never tires of experience. A product which can meet the needs of the market, for a company that aims to a leadership role.

Then let’s get into the details of MADE 2.0 line.

Performance and preciosity, technology and design, efficiency and elegance for any type of climb. 38Nm of torque, aluminium frame, modular saddle, suspension front fork, disk brake, direction indicators and, of course, shaft drive transmission. Available in man and unisex models.
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Trilogia 2.0. Urban e-bikes for any type of need with shaft drive transmission.

Glamorous enough, technical enough: cool colors, powerful motor 250W, which allows the bicycle to face each route in an excellent way, Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear.
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suspension front fork and anti-theft device are the features that give the bicycle a further plus for the best comfort. Available in man and unisex models.
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Ensures excellent comfort, thanks to the front fork, to the suspension seat and to the wide tread tyres 2.15”. The 250W motor and 20.2Nm torque gives an edge over pedalling, and also allows to face difficult slopes.
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