E-bit S

  • Pack & Go

    The foldable bike for moving naturally once reaching your destination

    The little bike of Wayel house, suitable for intermodal use, is now renewed in colours and comfort: E-bit, still available, is accompanied by E-bit S. Comfort, electronics and customization: suspension seat for a riding pleasure even on paved streets of old town centres; ‘soft start’ device is now standard equipment. Watch the video on YouTube: a perfect personal e-bike.

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Test of distances covered in km with different assistance levels

  • Battery LONG -36V

    Range: 65 km


The distance covered and up to exhaustion of the battery.
Three assistance levels that correspond to 3 riding speeds: 16-18-20 km/h. Speeds have been planned to reach a symbolic pedal stroke at 3 assistance level, canceling every effort: typical demand in intermodal uses for which E-bit S has been designed.
Range declared by tests carried out at the following conditions: external temperature 18 °C, asphalt road surface, rider weight 75 kg.
The test has been carried out on a city flat street of 15.3 km having a max. upward slope of 60 m, with 4 overpass having an average gradient of 5% and 19 stops at traffic lights.

Available in 3 colors


  • Foldable bike


    The fold is easy and quick, requiring 3 simple moves, and its minimum overall dimensions and weight satisfy the need for agility and freedom. The standard trolley facilitates mixed mode commuting in town (by car, underground, bus and train), as well as easy storage while on recreational trips (by camper, boat and plane).

  • Lithium Ion battery


    Wayel is the only company in the world that allows you to chose the battery capacity and to decide the range of your electric bike.

  • Front motor


    Front brushless motor FIVE, 250W 36V.

  • Belt drive


    No chain, no oil on hands and clothes, no maintenance.

  • Cushioned saddle


    E-bit S is equipped with a new black saddle: the comfortable padding and the new shock absorption suspension make softer any type of road pavement.

  • Trolley


    Standard trolley, helping in carrying the folded bike easly and effortlessly.

  • Multifunction control display


    3 speed selections; soft start function (up to 6 km/h without pedalling); start and control of the battery status.

  • Frame


    Its minimum overall dimensions and weight satisfy the need for agility and freedom, without compromising comfort and stability: only 13.4 kg without battery. The distance between the adjustable height saddle and handlebar guarantees comfort and a steady ride.

  • Comfort 16″ wheels


    Comfort 16″ wheels, for a steady ride.

All information about batteries

All Wayel batteries Lithium Ion, are equipped with Samsung cells. More details in the dedicated page.