E-TOWN, in man & unisex versions, is an electric bike characterized by a comfortable and smooth ride, designed to be used every day in the city.
The batteries, in 2 capacities, are equipped with Samsung cells, to guarantee greater quality and safety.

  • Unisex futura-man-color-b-2

    Available with wheels 28″

    E-TOWN is an electric bike characterized by a comfortable and graceful style. The low down tube distinguishes the woman model, ideal to easily move in the city. It is equipped with a solid rack on which it is possible to place a child seat.

  • Man futura-uni-color-b-2

    Available in two different frame heights: 46 and 50 cm

    In man model too, E-TOWN interprets the urban feverish everyday life with elegance and comfort. Sensorless motor 250W, 7-speed Shimano gear, 3 selectable assistance levels: these are the features for those who want to cope with the traffic every day with no difficult.


  • mobilità elettrica e-town

    MEDIUM battery – 317WH-36V

    Range: 50 km

  • mobilità elettrica vento

    LONG battery – 417WH-36V

    Range: 65 km

  • mobilità elettrica vento

    EXTRALONG Battery – 504WH-36V

    Range: 85 km


The distance shown is up to battery’s exhaustion. Ranges refer to results obtained by tests under the following conditions: battery fully charged and at the beginning of its life cycle, outdoor temperature of 25° C, flat road surface, rider’s weight of 75 kg, medium selected assistance level, asphalt paved road, typically urban mixed route, normal traffic conditions, no wind, mechanical gearbox with a higher ratio. Note. The described ranges vary in function of the following factors: 1. routes characterized by strong or prolonged climbs. 2. bumpy pavement; gravel. 3. headwind. 4. rider’s weight. 5. outdoor temperature.


  • Batteries

    Li-Ion batteries with Samsung cells


  • Wheels

    28″ – 1,75”

  • Motor

    Front 250W / 19Nm Brushless 36V

  • Brakes

    Front & rear V brake

  • Gear

    7-speed gear Shimano Tourney

  • Frame

    Aluminium: 46cm; 50cm (man)

  • Front fork

    Fixed (unisex)
    Suspended (man)

  • Control unit

    Multifunction control unit; LEDs: 3 levels of engine assist and Easy Walk device

All info about batteries

You can read more details in the page dedicated to batteries.