• Fun on every type of track

    Moving every day is more funny with eBig, the folding e-bike that retains all the agility and portability of a foldable bicycle. It guarantees maximum stability and grip on the road thanks to the innovative 4’’ wide-tires that ensure a perfect and comfortable use on every type of urban route. The suspension fork, adjustable and the powerful rear motor will allow you fun and maximum road holding.

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  • mobilità elettrica eBig

    EXTRALONG* Battery -36V

    Range: 75 km


* Li-Ion battery equipped with Samsung cells

The distance shown is up to battery’s exhaustion.
Ranges refer to results obtained by tests under the following conditions:
battery fully charged and at the beginning of its life cycle, outdoor temperature of 25° C, flat road surface, rider’s weight of 75 kg, medium selected assistance level, asphalt paved road, typically urban mixed route, normal traffic conditions, no wind, mechanical gearbox with a higher ratio. Note. The described ranges vary in function of the following factors:
1. routes characterized by strong or prolonged climbs. 2. bumpy pavement; gravel. 3. headwind. 4. rider’s weight. 5. outdoor temperature


  • Extralarge wheels

    eBig wheels

    The extra large tyres 4” increase the stability, the riding control and the safety, as they absorb the vibrations of the old town centres’ uneven paving.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes


    Innovative hydraulic brakes with mechanical drive that ensure excellent braking on urban roads. Designed to guarantee superior performance compared to traditional mechanical disc brakes.

  • Display LCD

    eBig display

    LCD display with backlight, which allows to turn the system on and off, to select the assistance levels, to activate the soft start and to check the battery level.

  • “Fat” wheels and suspended fork

    fat wheels

    Thanks to 4” wide-tread section, the wheels of eBig are comfortable, stable and suitable for every city route. The suspended fork can be adjusted or locked depending on the use.

  • Battery

    Li-Ion battery equipped with Samsung cells

  • Wheels

    eBig is equipped with 20″ x 4,00″ tyres wide tread VeeTire

  • Motor

    Rear motor FIVE 250W

  • Brakes

    Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

  • Gear

    6-speed gear

  • Frame


  • Front fork

    Suspended and lockable

  • Display

    Multifunction control unit with backlight LCD: 5 levels of engine assist and soft start device

All info about batteries

You can read more details in the page dedicated to batteries.