Futura 2.0

  • FUTURA 2.0: e-bike of marvels!

    The ideal bicycle for long distances and very changelling climbs.

    Performance and preciosity, technology and design, efficiency and elegance. FUTURA 2.0, the electric bicycle of Wayel’s Hill Leisure segment, includes all this. Thanks to the new plus, the new line moves forward the concept of intelligent mobility made of handiness and advanced electronics.

    FUTURA 2.0 Man and Unisex, both available in blue and red colour, appear with the new Modular saddle of Selle di Bassano, a product Made in Italy. This saddle can be adjusted in width, according to the anatomy of the User, thus ensuring overall style and comfort.

    In FUTURA 2.0 new line, the sensor pedalling is compact and integrated in a cap: these features allow a higher stability of signals and maintenance, and surely a better assistance when the bike is started.

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FUTURA 2.0 is not for sale in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

FUTURA 2.0 electric bikes are available in man & unisex models and are a perfect synthesis of style and technology

  • Man

    1. Unisex


      • SLIM battery – 360WH-36V

        Range: 40-55 km


      The distance covered and up to exhaustion of the battery.
      All range declared in this catalogue refer to results achieved by tests carried out at the following conditions: fully charged battery at the beginning of its life cycle, external temperature of  25°C, flat road surface, rider weight 75 kg, medium selected assistance level, typical mixed urban path, normal traffic conditions, no wind, high-speed gear.
      Note. The indicated ranges may substantially change in the following cases: 1. path characterized by hard or long upward slopes. 2. uneven road surface; gravel path. 3. headwind. 4. rider weight. 5. external temperature.


      • Shaft drive


        Shaft drive transmission: permits to eliminate chain maintenance and oiling, causing stains on hands and clothes.

      • Lithium Polymer battery


        SLIM size batteriy 36V, 10Ah. Ultra flat, lightweight and removable in one move: only 3.3 kg for 10Ah model.

      • Brushless electric motor


        Brushless electric motor 250W and 38Nm, with optimal torque output for high performance when getting up a hill.

      • N’lock antitheft system


        Innovative N’lock antitheft system: once activated, it does not allow to direct Shaft drive transmission the handlebar thus preventing the bicycle’s ride.

      • Display LCD


        Multifunction display with backlight LCD: “soft start” function, 5 assistance levels more zero option to keep working with the engine off, speed meter and kilometer indicator.

      • Long trip road tyres


        The tyres expressly designed for e-bikes, are able to offer lower power consumption thanks to low rolling resistance; tyres also allow lower noise level thanks to the tread pattern typical of a car.

      • Modular saddle


        Modular saddle of Selle di Bassano is a product Made in Italy.This saddle can be adjusted in width, according to the anatomy of the User, thus ensuring overall style and comfort.

      • Spanninga lights


        Spanninga front and rear lights, with low consumption LED technology, independent from the battery.

      • Hydraulic front disc brake


        The brake system becomes more powerful: in the front, there is the hydraulic disc brake with wire-commanded calliper, and in the rear little fork there is the classic V-Brake.

      • Hydroformed aluminium frame


        Hydroformed aluminium frame: it assures an excellent resistance to torsions and offers an exclusive design.

      • Shimano Nexus gear


        The 7-speed Shimano Nexus gear appear in the new line with Rapid Fire selector.

      • Indicators in the knobs


        More safety when moving with the indicators inserted in the knobs for absolute visibility to others.

      Battery information

      Wayel batteries dedicated to FUTURA are Lithium-Polymer. For more information visit the battery page