• In the world of electric mobility the future has already begun!

    Innovative, eco-friendly and made in Italy. It is a Cityrunner, its name is Solingo!

    The sun is a source of natural energy, inexhaustible and totally free. The exploitation of this resource in optimal way is the basis of the design concept of Solingo, the first Wayel Cityrunner: an innovative vehicle for city use, safe and environmentally friendly.
    Solingo represents the future of city mobility, as it allows you to move quickly, safely and easily, respecting the environment and helping to improve the quality of everybody life.
    Solingo starts with solar battery, being able to reach a speed of 35 km/h by main battery. Recharging the battery of Solingo cityrunner is as easy as recharging a computer: you only need to connect it to a power socket by a power supply cord.
    Travelling by the system adopted by Solingo allows an exceptional reduction of costs: it is estimated that the energy cost for 100 km is lower than 0.50 €. For the first 5 years, you do not have to pay the tax road, and you can benefit from the government contributions for low-emission vehicles. Finally, as Solingo is totally electric, can access to LTZ areas of the old town centres.

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    • Simple and safe

      The operation of Solingo is very simple: the solar battery is used to start the vehicle, by the front motor, then Solingo is powered by the rear motor the through the main battery pack, that allows to reach 35 km/h. In the event that the main battery is exhausted, Solingo enters the Solar Reserve Mode. In Solar Mode, only the solar battery is used, and the speed is reduced to allow you to always get to your destination.

    • Goodbye “dear petrol”

      The energy costs of Solingo are unrivalled: less than 0.50 Euro per 100 km. Since Solingo is a totally electric vehicle, it produces no emissions harmful to the environment. For this reason, in many cities it has additional incentives and benefits, such as access to the LTZ of old town centres. The recharge is fast and can also be carried out comfortably at night-time, by connecting the power supplier to a socket, like a PC. The lightweight and removable batteries do not require to charge Solingo in the garage.

    • You can select the range

      Each person has different needs of mobility. For this reason Solingo can be configured in different versions depending on your desired operating range: the capacity of the battery pack is always selected by the User.

    • Upward slopes? There is the booster!

      The booster is a function which can be operated by pressing and holding a button on the handlebar. This function allows to use the front and rear motors simultaneously, and is useful in upward slopes or speedy restarts.

Test of distances covered in km

  • Solingo 960
    VAT included
    Battery pack: ONE, 630 Wh 50-60 Km
  • Solingo 1130
    VAT included
    Battery pack: ONE, 800 Wh 55-70 Km
  • Solingo 1590
    VAT included
    Battery pack: TWO, 1260 Wh 80-95 Km
  • Solingo 1760
    VAT included
    Battery pack: TWO, 1430 Wh 90-105 Km
  • Solingo 1930
    VAT included
    Battery pack: TWO, 1600 Wh 100-115 Km

1. Recharging capacity estimated on annual average. The weather and the season considerably affect the daily recharging capacity.
2. Value corresponding to max. slope in stationary position to which the vehicle does not move backwards.
3. Test conditions: rider weight 75 kg, external temperature 23°, town level road of 15.3 km with a rise
of 60 m, 4 flyovers with average gradient of 5% and 19 stops at traffic lights. In the event of a temperature of 0° C, the range is reduced of 20% compared to the declared values.
4. The battery capacity is progressive: after 500 cycles of full recharge, it is equal to 70% of the original capacity


  • Battery Case

    The battery case is able to house up to two removable Lithium batteries of diff erent capacity, selectable by the User, in order to obtain the desired operating range.

  • Top Case

    The top case houses the Lithium solar charge battery (removable), used both for starting Solingo and as a reserve charge in case the primary batteries are exhausted.

  • Photovoltaic Panel

    The photovoltaic panel gets energy from the sun at zero cost, recharging the reserve battery on average by 8% per day.

  • Twin Motors

    The two motors of 250W and 500W (positioned on the front and rear wheels) normally run alternatively, but are also able to operate simultaneously – on the rider’s demand – in case of steep slopes. The fi rst motor, powered by the solar energy built up in the reserve battery, starts Solingo, then the second motor increases its speed up to 35 km/h.

  • LCD display

    LCD Display with kilometer indicator and battery charge indicator.

  • Booster

    In case of challenging slopes, from the handlebar you can operate the booster to use both engines at the same time.

  • Brakes


    Front & rear disc brakes.

  • Cushioning

    Suspension front fork.

  • Lights

    Front & rear lights can be operated from the handlebar; they are powered by the battery.

  • Frame

    Aluminium 6061 frame, lightweight (only 35.4 kg battery excluded).