• SUV: Shopping Utility Veichle

    Electric bicycle for shopping in the limited traffic areas

    Comfortable geometry in a great classic which has marked its rise with WAYEL. It’s SUV, the electric bike for urban shopping, designed with a structure allowing to carry heavy and bulky volumes effortlessly and without compromising stability and riding ability.

    It shows a unique set-up thanks to the ergonomic handlebar, high and large; the very low seat; the down tube, allowing easy getting on and off.

    Strong point: shaft-drive transmission. No more grease on hands and clothes.


  • LONG battery 316WH-36V

    Range: 60 km


The distance covered and up to exhaustion of the battery.
Range declared by tests carried out at the following conditions: external temperature 18 °C, asphalt road surface, rider weight 75 kg.
The test has been carried out on a city flat street of 15.3 km having a max. upward slope of 60 m, with 4 overpass having an average gradient of 5% and 19 stops at traffic lights.


  • Shaft drive


    No chain, no oil on hands and clothes, no maintenance.

  • Lithium Polymer battery


    Wayel is the only company in the world that allows you to chose the battery capacity and to decide the range of your electric bike. A custom-cut range with 2 different energy sizes: SHORT and LONG.

  • Front motor


    Brushless 250W/19Nm, double wheel ride.

  • Basket


    37 litres capacity, allowing to carry up to 6 bottles of water and a full shopping bag.

  • Frame


    The down tube set-up allows very easy getting on and off.

  • Gear


    Shimano Nexus 3 gear: precise and placed into the rear hub, it helps modulating the ride.

  • Multifunction control unit


    With a backlit LCD display, the control unit clearly shows the onboard controls: you can select among 5 different levels of engine servicing, check the remaining charge or activate the soft start function, to set off without pedaling.

  • Grips


    Ergonomic, for the most comfortable and safe riding position.

  • Saddle


    Low, cushioned and comfortable; two-coloured (brown/black).


  • Leather bag (honey yellow)

  • Leather bag (two-coloured)

  • Eco leather bag (two-coloured)

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). Colours: silver/black

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). Colours: glossy black/mat black

  • Rectangular canvas bag (logo). White colour

  • Canvas bag (logo)

  • Black rack suited for SMALL, SMALL PLUS, MEDIUM black battery

All information about batteries

All Wayel batteries, Lithium Ion are equipped with Samsung cells. More details in the dedicated page.