Trilogia 2.0 sicura

  • With Easy Lock system against the thefts!

    Thanks to this electric bicycle you can reach the perfect blend of convenience and comfort required by urban style.
    Leaving your home well-dressed for a business meeting, get to the office without getting stuck in traffic rush hour, and perfectly preserving the aspect with which you went out, has now become a reality.
    Thanks to Trilogia 2.0 sicura, the riding position and the suspended fork allow a more relaxed ride, you do not feel stress and fatigue, you do not strain yourself and do not sweat. You do not even run the risk of getting dirty due to the chain grease, thanks to shaft drive transmission. The bicycle is equipped with a comfortable rack to place the seat of small children. It is also provided with a practical anti-theft system: it is Easy Lock, with clampling cable housed under the saddle, which represents the comfortable and ideal solution for securing your bike. Sicura is available in two versions unisex and man.

    Trilogia 2.0 sicura is a product Made in Italy.
    In fact it belongs to Made 2.0 line, inaugurating the cycle of Wayel electric bicycles that are planned, designed and built entirely in Italy.


  • LONG battery 346WH-36V

    Range: 65 km


The distance covered and up to exhaustion of the battery.
All range declared in this catalogue refer to results achieved by tests carried out at the following conditions: fully charged battery at the beginning of its life cycle, external temperature of  25°C, flat road surface, rider weight 75 kg, medium selected assistance level, typical mixed urban path, normal traffic conditions, no wind, high-speed gear.
Note. The indicated ranges may substantially change in the following cases: 1. path characterized by hard or long upward slopes. 2. uneven road surface; gravel path. 3. headwind. 4. rider weight. 5. external temperature.


  • With anti-theft system Easy Lock

    antifurto easy lock

    Easy Lock anti-theft system with clampling cable housed in the tube under the saddle.

  • Rack

    portapacchi integrato

    Sicura’s rack is aligned with the riding position. It is possible to place a children seat on the rack, which is realized according to safety regulations concerning kids.

  • Suspended fork

    trilogia 2.0 poderosa - forcella amm anteriore

    The front fork is cushioned to ensure the best comfort to the electric bike.

  • Batteries with Samsung Cells


    Lithium-Ion batteries 36V, equipped with Samsung Cells. Available in two sizes: 7.8Ah & 9.6Ah.

  • Shaft drive transmission


    Shaft drive transmission system is innovative, unique, clean and practical. It is an integral part of the electric bike and needs no maintenance. No slipping out of the chain and no dirty hands to put it in place.

  • Motor check on STEM

    controllo stem

    Motor check, inserted in the STEM, allows a simplified wiring for the benefit of the electric bicycle’s appearance.

  • Spanninga lights

    luci led

    Spanninga front & rear lights Spanninga, with LED technology at low energy consumption, independent from the battery.

  • 3-speed gear

    cambio shimano sicura

    Shimano Nexus 3-speed gear integrated in the hub, which allows to change gear even at a stationary position.

  • Front motor

    motore 250w

    Aluminium brushless front motor 250W with 19Nm torque, able to face slopes up to 10%. Located on the front wheel, it ensures a perfect grip on the ground and together with the suspended fork it allows a comfortable ride even on unsurfaced roads.


  • Leather bag, honey-coloured

  • Leather bag, colour cream /honey

  • Eco-leather bag, colour: cream/brown

  • Canvas bag, colour silver/black

  • Canvas bag, colour shiny black /matt black

  • Canvas bag, white-coloured

Battery information

Wayel batteries are Lithium-Ion equipped with Samsung Cells. For more information visit the battery page.