E-scooter W2

  • E-scooter W2.
    Smart and performing, the electric scooter that combines fun and style

    W2 uses batteries with advanced Panasonic cells. With an authonomy range of up to 80 km, this is the vehicle for school, work and weekend trips. Travel around the city and its surroundings has never been so easy with the ultra-efficient BOSCH engine, performance and energy consumption are always under control. Rounded vintage lines are redesigned in a futuristic fashion to give the W2 electric scooter the timeless charm of a design classic. W2 is available in 2 modern colours: british green and white.


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  • motore_bosch_wayel

    Rear Motor

    To turn driving into an extraordinary experience a 2 kW rear motor is installed on the back wheel. Improved driving performance with higher efficiency and additional torque for powerful climbing capability and faster acceleration.

  • freni a disco anteriori e posteriori

    Front and rear disc brakes

    Disc brakes offer the advantage of expressing a high braking force and reduce the stoppage space of 15%. The breaking is very smooth, in order to protect the back motor.

  • display-W2

    Smart LCD display

    The display provides basic information in an instant, with a single glance speed and autonomy are visible.

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