Electric bikes

Passion, expertise and innovation in a zero emission factory

WAYEL is a trademark of FIVE – Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici – the Italian Group that has become, in a few years, the benchmark for electrical and eco-friendly mobility.

Established with the aim of relocating the production of electric bicycles and mopeds from China to Italy following the principles of ZEB (Zero Energy Building), FIVE factory is the first project able to combine energy efficiency, industrial production and environmental sustainability.
FIVE headquarters, located in the industrial heart of Bologna, extends for a total 76,400 square feet, with an area of about 7,535 square feet dedicated to gardens. The automated warehouse consists of 860 posts where 3,200 vehicles can be stored.

The assembly line with 20 workstations, the storage of rough frames’ components and the paint system are integrated into a single rotary system that allows to mount the bicycles in the same circuit bringing the chassis into the paint furnaces.

Furthermore, the industrial plant has areas dedicated to battery production and laboratories, where FIVE researchers carry out their testing activities and develop cutting-edge components for all the e-bikes.


FAT 20”


Made in Italy

The future of Italy depends on our choices, as entrepreneurs and consumers, every day.

In 2013, moving production in Italy was a choice dictated by the need to control quality and to prosecute targeted investments, making the made in Italy a unique and sought-after asset. With its products, FIVE supports the future of innovative, economical and green electric mobility. To achieve this, FIVE collaborates with specialized partners, Italian and European, also using the synergies of the Termal Group, to which it belongs.

We have chosen to focus on quality, tradition and work of our country. We have built a new state-of-the-art plant with cutting-edge production lines, progressively employing young technicians and new graduate engineers for our R&D laboratories.

Our electric bikes are born in Italy: from the design of the models, to the realization of the components (engine and batteries) up to the combination of all the elements that make up an e-bike. The production is almost entirely local, this reduces transport costs towards our main market which is definitely Europe.

We build collaborations with Italian and European partners, confident of being able to contribute to a virtuous circle: the choices of entrepreneurs who invest in production in our country offer a real boost to the Italy system, made of jobs and growth in the purchasing power of households.

FIVE batteries, competence, technology

New batteries production by FIVE to guarantee performance and durability

The battery is the primary energy source of the e-bike, it provides the necessary electrical power while riding. FIVE has chosen to embrace the battery market with an in-house production with semi-automatic product-line for its e-bikes, and for OEM solutions.

The choice of FIVE is dictated by the need to guarantee high quality standards: a choice that cannot be separated from a reshoring that started in 2013 with the transfer of electric bike production from China to Italy, and that continues today with the implementation of new departments for the production of e-bikes’ main components.

Cylindric cells in 36V and 48V version

FIVE offers an interesting range of lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung ‘dmd’ cells. Currently, the factory is engaged in the production of several types of batteries applicable on different frame structures. Lightweight and easy to handle, FIVE batteries are designed and built for both e-bikes with a standard of 15.5 mph and for speed pedelecs with a maximum speed of 28 mph.

Quality and long-life of FIVE batteries

Our electric bikes feature advanced lithium-Ion batteries, to guarantee greater quality and up to 1,000 complete cycles. FIVE lithium-Ion batteries are handy and quickly removable; they can be recharged at any time and do not undergo memory effect, while maintaining high performance. Charging times range from 5 to 8 hours. If the battery is properly stored, after 500 charge and discharge cycles it ensures a residual capacity of 87% of the nominal capacity.

Total safety

FIVE batteries are made with Samsung and BAK cells, they comply with the standard UN38.3, which includes several tests (altitude, thermal, vibration, impact, overload etc.), many of which are crucial for safety. Passing the UN38.3 tests is the mandatory requirement to sell the batteries individually and separately from the e-bikes. This allows customers to choose batteries with different capacities and purchase them as spare parts, after the result of normal exhaustion.

Motor FIVE F90

48V F90 central engine, conceived for the most demanding riders.

Designed for urban use, FIVE F90 is responsive in standing starts. It ensures a safe and fun experience, just push the pedal to immediately feel the thrust of the engine. The 90Nm torque, combined with a 48V battery system, delivers instant power and allows you to tackle even the most difficult climbs, up to 30%.

Powerful starting

With a torque of up to 90Nm and a 48V battery system, full support is available even at a low cadence. This ensures powerful riding behaviour, especially when starting.

Suitable for city and off-road

The torque combined with engine power and acceleration speed ensures a perfect interaction between the rider and the e-bike.

Comfort and technology

The 5 assistance levels selectable by on-board computer offer dynamic and sporty support. Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting, the F90 is quiet and snappy and offers to all bikers a perfect support. F90 is compatible with all types of display on the market.